3 ways to STOP Google from wasting your Google Ads monthly budget

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If you are a small business with a tight budget, follow these three tips to stop Google from wasting it, and help put it into the right areas for success.

1. Set daily budgets

If you don’t set a daily budget, on some days the Google will over spend . It just keeps on showing ads and spends most of your budget on a single day. Hence consider setting daily budgets to limit your spending. This can help prevent overspending and ensure your budget lasts throughout the month.

2. Use ad scheduling

Use ad scheduling to show your ads only during the times when your target audience is most active. This can help you save money by avoiding wasted impressions and clicks outside of peak hours. In one of the campaigns I managed the client wasn’t available for taking calls until the afternoon. Hence I set the schedule of the campaign to run only after 2pm and make it stop after 8pm in the evening. In this away he did not get unwanted calls after 8 in the evening. Also his budget saved from those impressions and clicks where he could not pick up the calls.

3.Use negative keyword

By using negative keywords, you can prevent your ads from appearing for irrelevant searches and save your budget. The negative keywords prevent your ads to show for unwanted searches. You can add negative keywords to ad-group level or in the campaign level. You can also add negative keywords by match type like exact match, phrase match and broad match. It will improve the relevance of your ad group, increase click through rate ( CTR), attracts relevant people to your site, increases conversion rates and improves return on ad spend (ROAS). Thus it saves a lot of money on monthly budget.

By implementing these strategies, you can help prevent Google Ads from wasting your monthly budget and ensure you’re getting the most out of your advertising budget.

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