If you’re a small/medium business, the thought of how to market your business can be daunting – and the costs of employing somebody too expensive. That’s where I come in. As your Marketing Manager, I will create and implement the marketing strategy for your business, taking into account your objectives and budget, to include the relevant mix of paid advertising (Facebook and Google)

Grow your business with online

I work with a variety of businesses, both local and national, and in different sectors, bringing the same passion to every business I work with. Using data-driven marketing, I will ensure my work will always deliver results to your business.

I support small businesses

If you’d like to contact me before signing up for the offer, I will look at your business to understand where you are currently with marketing and put together an overview of how I can help you in a day a month. Once you have seen the overview, you then know exactly what you are signing up for

Analyze your business

What is included if you hire me

What’s included?
– Keyword, bid and traffic research
– Negative keyword research to limit wasted spend
– Professional account structure and settings
– 2 Ads per Ad Group
– Highly effective and creative Ads with unique selling points to beat your competition
– All Ad Extensions – Call, Sitelink, Location extensions, Callout, Structured Snippets, if suitable Price Extensions & Message Extensions.
– AdWords Conversion Tracking

Grow your business with online ads

Setup highly effective re-marketing campaign

Do you get visitors to your site who never return? Or maybe you keep advertising and the vast majority of your visitors never purchase – now or in the future.

Like most website owners it’s likely you have no plan in place to retarget past visitors and turn them in customers.

Most visitors to your website will leave and never purchase or ever return to your website again. Now you can end all of that and bring them back to complete their purchases or whatever other action you require them to do.

This is where remarketing comes in. With a well designed remarketing campaign, you will boost your sales and retain more visitors and customers and increase the profitability of your business.

What you will get from my PPC remarketing campaign setup service:

– A brand new standard remarketing campaign to retarget people who have visited your site before
– I will create effective audiences in analytics for your remarketing campaigns
– multiple ad groups for the different audiences we will target
– no code changes or your site will be required and it will be ready in just days
– your ads will appear on relevant Google partner sites that your visitors regularly browse
– I’ll need banner ads from you or I can create standard banners for you

Advertise to customers who are already familiar with your business